Apples: Gala

I hypothesize that ppl don’t like apples-ppl have apples.  I bet no one ever said “I’d like an apple.”  I think ppl say or think “I’ll HAVE an apple.”  A while back I had a ‘Jazz’ apple-best damn apple I ever had.  Now I realize I don’t know the difference between apples or which ones I like/prefer-if given a choice.  

Gala apples are a much better choice than a Red Delicious apple.  Where we’re at now is this:

  1. Jazz apples
  2. Gala
  3. Red Delicious

More non-thrilling apple evaluations ahead.  Hold onto your seats as we get to the core of the apple experience. 

Apple Gala (2)
Photo of a Gala apple.  Much better choice than a Red Delicious apple but not nearly as good tasting as a Jazz apple.