When I was a kid, few thing were as exciting as going to…the donut shoppe.  

Typically I get a cinnamon roll when I go to a donut shop.  U know, there’s nothing that irks me more/gets me more disappointed than a cinnamon roll that’s not a real cinnamon roll.

When I was picking up dead bodies for the Coroner in Orange County I went to a donut shop w/the older heavy White guy.  He got an orange colored donut.  I’d never had one of those before-as a kid, always glazed.  I tried one-it was great!

Sauerkraut Hotdog

You’re supposed to eat sauerkraut because it’s good for you.  There’s something special in it.  Hey, don’t need to tell ME twice-count me in!  Oh-and I did NOT put ketchup on it-cuz you’re not supposed to (The Sporkful). 

Carl’s Jr California Burger

YUM!  Okay, it WAS a bit small.  Still, beggars can’t be choosers.

Ok, but to be honest, the purpose of this post is to check to see if posting this to my ‘Adam Tries Different Food’ blog’s blog post page will feed thru to a (in this case, my) personal FB page, having utilized the WordPress blog ‘publicize’ feature.

Burger Carls Jr June 2016 (4)