Alberts. Mexican

For those of us who live in Lost Angeles, Mexican food is taken for granted.  Well, I think it is anywho.  It is not until one leaves and is denied access to Mexican food that ya’ realize how good you had it.

Albert’s is on the corner of Main and Fremont in Alhambra (Pasadena’s poorer younger brother), CA.  It’s part of a chain or it’s mimicking a chain, not sure.  It’s open until 2 am Fri and Sat nites.  I like how there’s flies buzzing around the inside of the windows.  No I don’t.

The guy ahead of me ordered this meal so I did too (my old New Years resolution, to order what the guy ahead of me ordered.).

Great stuff!

The pepper was unique.  A hot chili pepper fried and tumbled in some spices.   Too spicy for me.  Come to think of it, what’s the point of rolling a jalapeno pepper in more spicy peppers?

I had a grande horchata of course.  It’s a great drink, highly recommend it.  Water, rice milk, cinnamon, ice, sugar too probably.  A must have.  These really are great drinks.

Regarding the salsa: It was too hot.  It took away from the meal.

Regarding lime:  Lime is to be put on rice, not beans.  I think.

June 27, 2015

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