Mint jelly!  Lamb!  Baklava!  A Chicago-style hot dog!  Italian beer!  Stuffed peppers! A cafe Americano!  Lattes!  Pho!  A traditional Philipino breakfast!  Is green salsa what you have for breakfast, not red salsa?!  Mango salsa!  Traditional English foods!  There’s so many foods I’ve not tried!  Life’s too short to COOK, let’s EAT instead!

Pies-you know, I’ve never had a lemon mer, uh, mareng, mereng-one of those!  What’s the best tasting apple on planet Earth?  A ‘Jazz’ apple-and good frickin’ luck finding one, but when you do you’ll have the same observation I did; “Whoa, crap, this is a good apple-I didn’t know apples could actually BE good!”.   There’s no Italian district/area in Los Angeles-time to try some real Italian food!  

This site is about me getting out and trying different kinds of foods-and learning how to blog.  Actually, this site is REALLY about me learning how to blog and set up all the social media cross-connections, cuz they’re a bit of a nightmare, utilizing food trying as the rationale.  Oh, and photography and lighting of food.  Yeah, u laugh, YOU try taking some decent photos of foods and you’ll understand. 

My name is Adam Bein.  I live in Orange County, CA, and I’m trying different foods.  Muah hahhahahaaa.

I blame a guy named ‘Dan Pashman’ and his ‘The Sporkful‘ podcast.  It’s great!  ‘Opened MY eyes!  

Click here to see the food I’ve tried!  Or don’t!

Adam Bein

June 27, 2015

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